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Shawn Stein
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User Behavior
Media & Entertainment Apps Adapt Messaging to COVID-19 Behavior, Seeing a 50% Increase in Usage

In the new era of economic volatility and skyrocketing unemployment, users are on their phones more than ever and are turning to different media and entertainment outlets for news, new skill development, and to just escape. With so many options available to consumers, it can be challenging to cut through the messaging noise.

But by leveraging Neura’s in-home user behavior data, we make it a lot easier.

Instead of relying on traditional campaign triggers, such as location or time, it’s crucial for media and entertainment apps to understand what users are doing while stuck at home. In response to shelter-in-place and limited mobility, we have leveraged our expertise in uncovering real-world behavioral data to focus on micro-segmentation as a way to help mobile marketers uncover optimal moments of in-home availability.

By understanding these crucial moments within a user’s day, i.e., when they woke up, when they stopped working for the day, when they’re about to sleep, etc., you can better target and time your messages and push notifications to drive engagement and lower notification fatigue.

media and entertainment apps messaging covid-19 behavior segments

Industry Use-Cases

With very limited and frequently changing mobility patterns, it’s crucial to learn users new routines and differentiate between time spent working from home, time spent involved in activities, and time spent relaxing. By leveraging micro-moments to understand when a user is finished working for the day, you can target them with specific content recommendations when they are most available to consume them.

With our platform you can understand which users are night owls who prefer to engage with content in the evenings and which users have content-viewing habits that span throughout the day. Trigger daily news updates after the user wakes up, or update them about new episodes of their favorite show while they are idle at home and before they go to sleep.

media and entertainment apps messaging covid-19 use case

Ready to Leverage This Data?

With more time being spent at home and schedules changing frequently, users are desperate for sources of entertainment to avoid boredom and to fill the social void brought from social-distancing and quarantine. Make sure you’re sending the most relevant and personalized messages to users at the right time so your app becomes top-of-mind in a sea of competition.

If you’d like to begin leveraging in-home user behavior data in your mobile engagement campaigns, get in touch with us today.