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Jonathan Raveh
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MAU – Biggest App Marketing Conference in 2019

After attracting over 1,700 attendees last year, MAU (Mobile Apps Unlocked) had a reputation to maintain – the best app marketing conference of the year. In 2019, Grow.co’s founder, Adam Lovallo, outdid himself and produced an insightful event that had provoked discussion and knowledge in all mobile marketing aspects, but also enabled business relationships to grow and mature. This year, over 2,700 attendees participated in MAU, with the vast majority of attendees coming from Marketing, Retention or Product positions. 


For Neura, exhibiting at MAU allowed us to grow our network and further expose our human-centric approach to clients, in both conversation and a session on stage with Yishai Knobel, CEO of Helparound.



We are looking forward to next year!