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Shawn Stein
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Love During COVID-19? Lifestyle & Dating Apps Have Seen an Increase of 20% in Use Since COVID-19 Broke out – Here’s How You Can Reach Your User’s When They’re Available

In the new era of extreme social distancing, users crave human connections enabled by digital technologies to fill their social void.

Since COVID-19 began, dating and lifestyle apps have seen a dramatic uptick in users. According to the Economic Times, “[dating] apps have seen a 20% increase in new users, mostly busy professionals such as bankers, tech workers and entrepreneurs looking to find meaningful and long-term relationships amid a skewed work-life scenario…” 

It’s clear that people do not want to put their love life on hold despite the strict limitations on socializing, and furthermore, very busy individuals find themselves with more time now when they may have otherwise been too busy to engage. With connections being adamantly sought, but enforced shelter-in-place policies mean that users are switching to digital social meetings more often than before.

Thus, as a lifestyle or dating app, you must adapt your engagement strategies to align with users’ new in-home and shelter-in-place routines instead of relying on traditional campaign triggers, such as location or time. And this is where Neura comes in.

Neura helps mobile apps leverage real-world behavioral data in their engagement campaigns to better understand users’ contexts and preferences. During these unprecedented times, we have narrowed our focus to micro-segmentation to help lifestyle and dating apps identify users’ in-home availability and limited activity patterns to understand important events within the home – such as when users wake up, started working from home, began to wind down for the day, or are about to go to sleep.

Here’s how you can put this valuable data to work…

Industry Use-Case

In order to facilitate online dates, environments conducive for video chats, and dating in a world that revolves around virtual hangouts, it’s important to reach users when they are available for longer in-home sessions. By identifying these longer moments of in-home availability, you can send the right message to potential date-goers at the most optimal time in order to maximize their open rate, improve daily active users, and increase users’ lifetime monetization. 

From remote dinners with friends to online live concerts and fitness classes, people are finding creative ways to connect even in a world that is reopening. Some users connect in the morning after they wake up, some find time between work sessions, and others spend time connecting at night before going to bed. 

People are more ready, available, and interested in connecting now than before. People have the time, and are craving the connection. By understanding and leveraging these micro-moments of availability through the utilization of Neura’s behavior analytics platform – brands can send push notifications exactly when their users are willing an able to open the messages, thus increasing open-rate, engagement, and activity within the app. Recommending relevant content or people based on personalized recommendations and notifications can increase conversions for paid features like video chat and others.

Ready to Leverage This Data?

People may be forced to remain at home, but they are more eager than ever to partake in social activities and establish human connections online. Make sure your app is the one they choose to use during their free time by leveraging in-home behavior data in your engagement campaigns. If you’re ready to get started, get in touch with us.