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Shawn Stein
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User Retention
Food Delivery Apps – Leap ahead of your competition and anticipate your user’s next meal.

Are your push notifications relevant? Are you missing out on key users to spare some from too many notifications? It’s harder than ever to know when your users are available – we’ll give you visibility into your users behavioral patterns to see which could benefit from a delivery – and at what time in the day, and decipher between users who are stuck at home or semi-mobile.

Restaurants have shifted to largely take-out only, and grocery stores greatly limit the number of people allowed inside. People now rely on food delivery apps to order the food and beverages they need while spending more time at home and limiting their social exposure.

We help leading mobile apps leverage real-world behavioral data to better understand users’ contexts and preferences and drive higher engagement. In response to COVID-19, we now focus on micro-segmentation, various changes in mobility patterns, and human behavioral shifts which gives food delivery apps a unique set of moments for in-home availability and changed mobility allowing you to understand the most relevant times to engage.

Neura increases food delivery app engagement 10x

Industry Use-Cases

Leap ahead of your competition and anticipate your user’s next meal using micro-moments in the home like when they finished working, or arrived home from an outing, or haven’t been to the grocery store in awhile.

Reach valuable audience segments with high monetization potential based on household ordering habits. Auto-engage each household when they are most likely to order, based on past orders and your understanding of the family’s new in-home food routine.

Understand which users are Essential Workers that are still commuting for work and may be more inclined to order food delivery after a long day of work, and which ones are grocery shoppers that might be more amenable to trying grocery delivery or scheduling orders for pickup to avoid long lines and crowds.

Increasing engagement efficiency while reducing frequency is especially critical now that competition in this space is increasing and more people are turning to food and grocery delivery while stuck in quarantine.

Ready to Leverage This Data?

With social distancing regulations and limited mobility patterns around the globe, it’s imperative for the mobile food delivery industry to keep up with demand and ensure they’re sending the right users the right message at the right time in order to outsmart the competition. 

If you’re ready to leverage in-home behavioral data to stay ahead of the curve, get in touch with us today.