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Shoshana Feld-Sobol
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Neura and the Future of COVID-19 Response & Safety

As Israel entered its second lockdown, Neura’s behavioral intelligence platform was featured in several news articles regarding our platform’s ability to provide data-driven impact on population safety and policy.

Neura is being utilized to provide insights on high transmission areas, predictive analysis on where coronavirus is spreading, risk score analysis to determine level of exposure and hot spot zones.

These insights share critical information on where allocation of resources may be needed, as well as help with lockdown reinforcement efforts.

To date, Neura has been used by municipalities and governments alike to help mitigate the spread, and impact, of coronavirus.

Based on the IP Neura developed in behavioral intelligence, a new set of signals were built to monitor and analyze the spread of coronavirus.

Signals include encounter rates, behavioral super-spreaders, social distancing adherence, and transmission areas.

Equip with these insights, Neura helps to balance needs for populations health and safety with those of economic growth, by leveraging machine learning to help decision makers deploy their resources in the most impactful way, and reopen the economy gradually with data backed insights.

The image below is a view from Neura’s dashboard showing a comparison map of COVID-19 cases (right) to the Neura model (left) of transmission hotspots. By combining behavioral and epidemiological signals and data points, Neura creates a view of coronavirus transmission areas, which is a much more accurate representation of safe areas.

Apart from coronavirus related projects, Neura’s platform also provides support to businesses and local governments.

For example – insurance companies use Neura’s behavioral intelligence platform to make decisions regarding their policies, the Transportation Ministry leverages Neura to plan public transportation enhancements, infrastructure companies use our insights to decide where to build a new highway interchange, and Telcos around the world utilize our platform to make better products to answer the needs of their consumers.

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