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Shawn Stein
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Mobile Engagement
Health, Wellness, and Fitness Apps take Center Stage

Real-World Visibility into User Behavior for Health and Wellness Apps

In the era of COVID-19, daily health routines are in flux. But, as a marketer for a wellness app, you now have the opportunity to help your users develop healthy new habits within the world of shelter-in-place and as we re-enter daily life.

Given that a majority of people are stuck spending most of their time at home or in a semi-mobile capacity, traditional campaign triggers, such as location or time, are largely irrelevant. In order to move ahead of the competition, and provide valuable engagement with users, mobile apps must adapt to the ‘new normal’ and target based on users’ in-home behavior to effectively engage with them.

Neura helps mobile apps leverage real-world behavioral data in their engagement campaigns to better understand users’ contexts and preferences and go one step further by anticipating need. Here you can see the type of data Neura interprets about your users, using both their behavioral persona and moment of availability.

In response to COVID-19, we have adjusted our focus to identifying nuanced moments of users’ in-home availability in order to help health and wellness apps uncover optimal instances for successful outreach. Instances like woke up, busy at home, working, all represent various moments for in home availability.

These behavioral changes such as when a user wakes up, starts working from home, begins to wind down for the day, or is about to go to sleep all represent various events that a user may be most available for an outreach attempt. Our AI platform learns which moments illicit the highest response in order to gauge when it’s best to reach out. Thus as more and more people become mobiles and return to daily life we help engineer an engagement strategy that makes sense for each of your individual users, at scale. 

Here’s how health and wellness apps can leverage this valuable data…

While some users are still able to get outside for brief exercise, others are spending more time on the couch. These distinct behaviors create new opportunities for segmentation: users that have been idle all day can receive personalized campaigns encouraging them to get up and stretch, get outside for a 20-min walk, or take a break to meditate. While users that have gone out to the office or grocery store, can be sent a different type of message more applicable to their current lifestyle.

Understanding when users are available means the difference between conversions and ignored messages or notification fatigue.

Know when a user wakes up, returns from the grocery store, finishes working, or is about to go to sleep in order to unlock crucial windows of availability. This data enables mobile brands to reach the right user with a workout, a new recipe, or a meditation session when they’re actually available.

Ready to Leverage This Data?

Now more than ever users are turning to health and wellness apps to keep active, fit, and mentally agile.

By translating behavioral changes into new segmentation groups, you can reach the right users at the right time while also learning the behavioral patterns and personas of your user base for better content messaging and to inform product decisions.

If you’re ready to incorporate user in-home behavior data into your mobile engagement campaigns, get in touch with us today.