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Shoshana Feld-Sobol
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User Retention
You’ve Acquired Your Users, Now What?

Retaining, Converting, and Monetizing Apps Today Requires Finding Your Users Sweet Spot of Availability

With much of the world experiencing some degree of shelter-in-place restrictions, what’s the status of mobile engagement today? We’ll tell you – and it goes beyond what you’d think. 

Generic time-based segmentation is largely inapplicable today with users schedules adapting to in-home working environments instead of the usual 9-5pm – sending push notifications based on location data has dwindled almost entirely as well… So what’s left? Behavior based contextualized data. 

From reminding us to pick up our clothes at the dry cleaning, to suggesting a podcast we may enjoy, a recipe, or new restaurant; our interconnected world works with us, almost if by magic. And our mobile apps should as well. 

From our work with various apps around the globe, we’ve found a few key points that have increased retention, boosted engagement, decreased churn, and impacted overall annual revenue per user and monetization.

The apps with the highest return on investment, engagement, and monetization, aren’t the apps with the most users, but instead the apps that aptly engage their existing users. The best way to activate your users is by targeting them with relevant messages at relevant times. 

Current push notification attempts primarily fall into one of three buckets: zero push notifications, time-based segmentation, or, with very advanced apps, location-based segmentation. 

First and foremost understanding when in the day your individual users are most available is a key ingredient to successful push notifications. Secondly, discovering the personality of your users, their habits and characteristics makes for targeted campaigns, and deep user understanding. Optimal timing, plus personality recognition, and activating untapped audiences allow for a truly multi-tiered, personalized push notification strategy. 

Lastly, by understanding your users habits and daily patterns, you can schedule your push notifications at a recurring time that is in-sync with individual schedules to create a dominant habit pattern for using your app. User understanding, combined with habit formation and tracking is the perfect recipe for tremendous increase in core KPIs.

At Neura we transform raw sensory phone data into lifestyle and behavior understanding. We do this by identifying two main things about your users: Personality data and Context data.

Personality data, also known as Neura Personas, identifies users based on who they are in the real world, avid runner, workaholic, night owl, socialite, coffee lover etc. This data allows you to segment your audiences and campaigns based on who the users are in the real world, find lookalike audiences, and have more informed product advancement decisions. 

Context data, also known as Situations and Moments gives the precise moments in a day that a user is most receptive. For example, when a user gets up, when they start going on a walk, when they are commuting, or when they have been idle at home for a certain amount of time.

By combining Personas with Moment information mobile apps can extrapolate the right time to engage based on each individual user, at scale. This type of information gives app marketers rich context information about each of their users in the real world. 

From these two buckets of data, Neura identifies highly insightful analytics about each brand’s users. We can see the top behavioral traits of users based on user persona, the personas of the highest converting users, and the growth potential of those users by their behavioral habits – for an ecommerce or ride sharing app this may be: frequent buyer, frequent rider, impulsive buyer, long distance rider, etc. 

Furthermore, Neura can see the persona of users that open an app the most e.g. home type, socialite, heavy commuter; what users are doing right before they are sent a push notification e.g. arrived at work, finished walking etc.

In terms of retention, Neura can show brands the personas of users that are most likely to churn and the different personas of those that prefer to engage with your app. 

To conclude, the optimal engagement moments for success occur when combining persona data with moment data to predict the greatest percentage of success in engagement, optimization, and conversion. 

This is the level of granularity that’s available. This data is how brands can dramatically increase revenue per user and monetization, working with, and for users, as if by magic, predicting and anticipating needs and wants. Understanding users based on who they uniquely are in the real world, in real-time context.

Behavioral and lifestyle data together with a users daily timeline data Neura provides allow app marketers, product experts, CRM managers and the likes, to see a complete picture of each individual user, at scale. This first party data can be used to create highly effective marketing campaigns, send precisely timed push notifications, bolster CRM, aid churn prevention efforts, and inform product updates and advancements. 

One of our clients, the Marketing Director of an app we partner with, provided feedback that: 

“Neura’s deep human-centric understanding of our users proved to be an indispensable asset that enabled us to grow new businesses and revenue streams, and increase user satisfaction. With Neura’s help, we were able to transform into a holistic, personalized, one-stop-shop mobility assistant, cater to each user’s mobility needs, and stay way ahead of our competition.”

We’re here to build the smart home of mobile engagement.

Feel free to join us. 

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