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Behavior Intelligence

Actionable Insights for Smart Decisions

Facilitate better strategic business decisions with visibility into population real world behavior, consumer trends, and buyer motives.

Access actionable insights empowering multi-disciplinary data-driven decisions critical for success.

Leverage Neura’s data network and gain visibility into competitor audiences, population behavior, mobility analysis, and more.


    See who is visiting competitor locations


    What are people gravitating towards

  • Population mobility

    Understand population movement

  • Audience identifiers

    Identify new insights based on audience behavior

Industry Specifics

See how behavior intelligence can work for your industry


    Data Driven Solutions

    Mass population movement influences traffic demands or commercial opportunities.

  • COVID-19

    Actionable Insights

    Preventative measures to solve challenges resulting from the pandemic


    Competitor Intelligence

    Essential for effective brand - buyer communication and stay ahead of consumer buying trends.


    Powerful Data

    Mobile device sensory data to contextually target campaigns for increased monetization.

How do I get started?

Neura's behavior intelligence platform facilitates smart data-driven business decisions. Learn how we transform vast amounts of data into actionable insights enabling deep CRM enrichment, identification of new audiences for acquisition, as well as pinpointing moments of availability for increasing existing user monetization.

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