You're not a product.
Your identity isn't.

Digital identity seems like a tenuous concept right now, but this is changing. We leave so much information online, and even more can be deducted by casually tracking our internet activities. Soon, our full behavioral profiles will be online - our likes and dislikes, habits and connections.

For ad-serving companies, that's great news. They have long since turned people into products, specializing in assembling and selling our digital identities, so that we get better-targeted ads.

Neura doesn't serve ads. We assemble digital identities on behalf of our users, for our users. For us, neither you or your identity is a product - and they will never be.

What we do

After assembling a digital identity of a user, we put it in a secure wallet, controlled exclusively by said person.

We then establish a pipeline between that person and the technology they use. We partner with manufacturers of apps, devices and services to establish those pipes.

Using this pipeline, people can trade pieces of their digital identity in exchange for value based on the information they share.

How we make money

Companies pay us to establish the pipeline, and facilitate the information exchange between them and their users.

What it means

It means that the safety of your identity is paramount for Neura's existence.
It means we will never sell you out. Not only do we not believe in that, there's simply no financial incentive to compromise your trust.