Make technology work for you

Notify your apps and devices
about moments in your life‚Äč... they can react intuitively
to better serve you.

Your Life. Your Data. Your Call.

With Neura, you can utilize your
data without giving it away

This is what you are getting

  • Own your personal data

    Funnel bits and pieces of your data into your Neura account. The more data it has, the smarter it gets.

  • Trust & Control

    Unite apps and devices that you trust in your account - let them adapt to your life while you control what they know about you.

  • Smarten up

    Your Lifeline keeps track of your activities so you can gain more insights about the events in your life.

  • Share moments in your day

    Create notifications for devices, apps and people based on events in your life. Make them aware of moments in your day.

Soon, the first wave of Neura-enabled products will reach the shelves.
Join Neura and become part of our growing community.

Ready to take control over your data?